COYO Offer some professional LED Cyc Lights for lighting the cyclorama with batter effect. Please learn more about Cyclorama lighting fixtures before you choose the Cyclorama Light LED.

LED Cyc Lights

1. What is LED Cyclorama Light?

LED Cyc Lights (Cyclorama is called Cyc) are kinds of Cyc lights based on LED Source. Traditional Cyc Lights are designed with a “J” shaped reflector, they are able to sit on the floor or hang fairly close to the Cyclorama and throw an even sheet of light up and down.

COYO LED Cyc Light is a high output theatrical cyc luminaire that provides rich color mixing for seamless coverage of a stage’s cyclorama. Please following to check the features of COYO’s Cyc Lights LED.

COYO LED Cyclorama Lights Features:

  • High output LED cyc lighting – modern theatre led cyc light with quality you can trust
  • Colorful Color options – RGBAL/RGBA/RGBW/RGBL wide range of vivid color led options
  • High CRI – COYO cyc lights with high color rendering index, CRI over 90
  • Top optical system – COYO own Unique optical lens, mix color and brightness are more better.
  • High frequency flicker free – camera friendly fixtures for IMAG, event recordings, or TV & film applications.

2. The Types of Cyclorama Lights LED?

LED Cyclorama Lights as one of professional Cyclorama lighting Equipments used in Theatre, main LED Cyc lighting fixtures including following Power in the market: Up LED Cyc Lighting and Down LED Cyc Lighting fixture.

1) Up LED Cyc Lighting is the Cyc LED Lights lighting the Cyclorama from ground to top.

2) Down LED Cyc Lighting is the Cyc Lights are hung at the top to lighting Cyclorama.

Read and learn a little more about each of COYO LED Cyclorama Light fixtures, their strengths, and power, so you can choose the right Cyc Lights for your cyclorama on the theatre.

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3. How to Choose Cyc Lights?

Now, you know more about cyc lighting fixture, the next step is following us to choose the better Cyc Light for your stage.

  1. Choose to buy Cyc Lighting fixtures from Professional Theatre Lighting equipment manufacturers.
  2. High CRI>90 and accurate color temperature.
  3. Special lens for Cyclorama.