IP65 Fresnel Light LED Outdoor Waterproof
IP65 LED Ellipsoidal Spotlight Outdoor Waterproof

Source Four Leko

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Warm White or Cool White

200W/300W LED Profile Spotlight

600W Zoom LED Fresnel Light
Warm White + Cool White 2in1

Color Temperature 3000K-6000K

Adjustable Color Temperature (3000K-6000K)

220W LED Video Panel Light

Lightweight, Thin, High Brightness and Silent

mini led ellipsoidal light

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  • Our goal is to become the top manufacturer in China, and the sales are handed over to our customers
  • We own powerful R&D Dept. and mold-factory, all the Structures, Electronics, Optics, software of theatre lights are unique to us.
  • Most of our theater lights are the only one on the market, help you to build your brand easily.
  • We can do the design as your requirement in Pro Theater LED Spotlights, and keep it only for you and protect your market.
  • Own your only one Theater Lights with very low cost(no new mold), upgrading the fixtures from your ideas.
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How To Choose LED Lights For Photography?

April 18th, 2019|

LED light is the biggest innovation in lighting industry since electric light was invented. With the feature of long lifetime, energy saving, high efficiency and environment protective, Led light was applied in many industries. And led lights are the sustainable, and the smart, functional choice.

The types of led lights include […]

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